What Makes a Stearns And Foster Mattress?

For 173 years, Stearns & Foster has set a high standard of excellence and American ingenuity. All mattresses are crafted right here in the United States. Their team is composed of Certified Master Craftsmen who have studied their mattress skills throughout the years. Stearns & Foster believe in timelessness. They design their mattresses with a timeless intention.

No detail goes untouched, from the material to the mattress tag, every detail has been thought out to contribute to the most beautiful and comfortable mattress you can buy. Stearns & Foster create their beds to last. They assure you that your mattress has been expertly crafted with the finest materials that will have you sleeping peacefully. All mattresses are hand-crafted for optimum comfort. They build their beds with layers that are designed to keep you cozy and comfortable. Their AirVent System and Top Panel with Tencel will keep your mattress breathable, and you cool during the night. The AirVent System is a system of ventilated coils with external air vents to ensure your mattress does not keep in the heat. Their Top Panel with Tencel is a stretch-knit covering with Tencel, a sustainably sourced fiber that you would typically see in your athletic wear that wicks away any moister to keep you fresh.

Their memory foam cradles with comfort, and their patented coils ensure you get the support you are looking for in a long night's rest. They have four signature collections: Estate, Lux Estate, Lux Estate Hybrid, and the Reserve. No matter what selection you chose, you can find your perfect sleep at Cape Coral Mattress.

The Estate Collection

Stearns & Foster uses their patented IntelliColi to provide you with the perfect support to give you the rest and relaxation to wake up fully energized. Their exclusive Indulge Memory Foam delivers the comfort you are looking for after a long day of work. The Estate Collection offers two distinct mattresses for your enjoyment.

The Estate Hurston. This mattress was designed with their IntelliColi and the most high-quality materials Stearns & Foster could find. This mattress offers the perfect level of support. The Estate Hurston can be purchased in a Standard Luxury feel or as a Pillow Top Luxury feel. Each mattress can be firm, cushion firm, or plush.

The Estate Rockwell. This mattress comes as a Standard Luxury feel or a Pillow Top Luxury feel. No matter your preference, each mattress can be Firm, Plush, or Ultra Firm. The Estate Rockwell is the cream of the crop when it comes to the Estate Collection. It is built just like the Estate Hurston but includes the exclusive Indulge Memory Foam. Scientists at Tempur-Pedic exclusively made the Indulge Memory Foam for Stearns & Foster. This foam provides you with the most refreshing sleep you'll ever have.

The Lux Estate Collection

The Lux Estate Collection is all about the details. They have crafted The Lux Estate Cassatt with both their Indulge HD Memory Foam and their IntellCoil material. This collaboration of materials creates the perfect support and comfort your body needs to get your best sleep that will leave you refreshed throughout the day. The Lux Cassatt has won Good Housekeeping 2020 Best Bedding Awards! This bed comes in the Standard Luxury feel or the Pillow Top Luxury feel each as a firm, plush, or ultra-firm mattress.

The Lux Estate Hybrid Collection

The Lux Estate Hybrid Pollock combines the IntelliCoil HD with its Indulge Memory Foam. This Hybrid mattress is not just comfortable, but it is also just as supportive. This truly supportive sleep will have you refreshed for your day. This Lux Estate Hybrid Collection comes in the Standard Luxury feel of cushion firm, plush, or ultra-plush.

The Reserve Collection

The Reserve collection is Stearns & Foster's most crafted mattress yet. This mattress has it's own one-of-a-kind design, quality, and feel, thanks to it's unique and new mattress making process. The Indulge Memory Foam layer, the IntelliCoil Micro HD layer and the upholstery-grade velvet exterior will give you the most exceptional sleep you've ever experienced. It is truly the centerpiece to the bedroom that you deserve. The Stearns & Foster Reserve collection comes in a Standard Luxury feel that is either firm or plush, or a Pillow Top Luxury feel.

Get Your Stearns And Foster Mattress From Cape Coral Mattress

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