Sealy Mattresses

Sealy mattresses have been around since 1881 and helping Americans find better quality sleep by designing high-quality mattresses. Sealy had started as a one-person company in Texas by Daniel Haynes, who made cotton filled mattresses for his friends. In 1889, he invented the machine that compressed cotton, which started his mattress designing empire that we know and loves today. In the 1950s, Sealy revolutionized the mattress world with Posturepedic technology, which provided targeted support where it was needed. Sealy mattresses are proudly made right in the USA and are tested for quality; this way, you can rest easy knowing your mattress will last for years.

Posturepedic Technology

Sealy's exclusive Posturepedic technology was designed with orthopedic specialists' help to ensure support was provided where you need it. While you sleep, 50% of your body weight gravitates towards the middle. Knowing this Posturepedic technology in Sealy mattresses reinforced supports your back and core. Sealy's Posturepedic Technology promises a level night's seal of complete support, no more uneven sinking into your mattress. Every Sealy mattress provides you with Posturepedic technology, including the:

The Response Line - Innerspring Mattresses

Sealy's Response Line is their traditional option that reacts to your body while you sleep. Their innerspring mattresses offer outstanding support with their Posturepedic Technology. Sealy has designed precisely-engineered coils to provide a 'sleep-on-top' feeling that other innerspring mattresses don't have. There are three choices when it comes to The Response Line:

The Conform Line - Memory Foam Mattresses

Sealy's memory foam mattresses give you a body-hugging feel with a combination of foam, memory foam, and advanced gel foam that delivers support that cushions your whole body. The Conform Line has three mattresses to choose from:

The Hybrid Line - Hybrid Mattresses

Sealy offers the best of both worlds with their hybrid mattress line. The Hybrid Line has the cushioned softness of memory foam, the extra support of innerspring coils, and the targeted support of Posturepedic Technology. The Hybrid Line offers three different selections as well:

Test A Sealy Mattress At Cape Coral Mattress

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