All-Natural Mattresses At Cape Coral Mattress

Cape Coral Mattress has every big brand mattress you are looking for in the Cape Coral area, but did you know we also carry all-natural mattresses?

Pure Talalay Bliss Contains No Harmful Substances

Pure Talalay Bliss is an all-natural latex mattress made from Oeko-tex Class I certified Talalay latex. This Class I certification means that Pure Talalay Bliss products contain no harmful materials. Pure Talalay Bliss is also safe for babies. Oeko-Tex is an independent third-party in Europe that implements the highest environmental consumer product standards, and very few foam producers get this certification.

Eco-Friendly Without Compromising Comfort

Deciding to buy a Pure Talalay Bliss mattress is not just about making a smart decision for the environment; it also provides a luxurious sleeping experience. Talalay mattresses are known for their eco-friendly production. During the manufacturing of mattresses, Talalay does not use any solvents, and there is no damage caused to the earth's ozone layer. Each product is made with renewable resources and biodegradable, water-based materials. The mattress materials are simple: all-natural Talalay, air, and water.

Unlike other mattress companies, Talalay's manufacturing process is based on energy and water conservation. During the freezing and vulcanization portion of the Talalay molding stage, the use of automation optimizes the power used. The manufacturing building has also invested in energy-efficient lighting. In order to minimize water consumption, a multi-stage washer is used.

The Pure Talalay Bliss Mattress Difference

The Pure Talalay Bliss mattress offers a wide range of differences when it comes to comparing other mattresses. Besides being healthy, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and manufactured in the United States, it is a whole new sleeping experience. This mattress was made for total relaxation.

The most significant difference is that Pure Talalay Bliss mattresses are made of Talalay. This all-natural and renewable resource is up to 33% more pressure-relieving than a conventional foam or cushion mattress. Talalay latex has a pressure-relieving layer that gives your body the support it needs to create a more relaxing and refreshing sleep. The support layer is in the center of this latex mattress. This support layer provides support for the most essential part of your body, the spine. Not having a proper spinal alignment during sleep can throw off your whole day, making your hips, back, and shoulders feel achy. Then Talalay tops it all off with its bottom layer, the stabilization layer that gives the mattress all it needs to make sure you get a great night's sleep.

Pressure Relieving

The Pure Talalay Bliss mattress promises pressure relief no matter how you sleep, side sleeper or back sleeper, you'll get the pressure relief you've always looked for in a bed. The pressure relief layer keeps you from tossing and turning through the night to ensure you get a better sleep quality.

A Resilient Mattress

Unlike a conventional mattress, the Pure Talalay Bliss mattress lasts longer. Its natural latex gives this mattress a longer life than a poly foam that most beds are made from. A Pure Talalay Bliss could last you 15 years compared to the eight you get from a standard mattress.

A Naturally Healthy Mattress

The Pure Talalay Bliss is naturally mold, mildew, and dust mite resistant. Being naturally resistant to these allergen-causing materials helps with sneezing, wheezing, and can even help with asthma. Talalay latex is also inherently antibacterial and antifungal which can keep your mattress fresher and lasting longer. Because this mattress is hypoallergenic it does not give off any gas.

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